Our Story

We are a seasoned team with more than ten years in building legal technology solutions to meet to meet compliance needs.

It's a fast world, and getting faster. 

Section 13 Beneficial Reporting requires prompt deadlines that cannot be achieved efficiently without a technology solution. 

When faced with this challenge, Lydie Hudson and Brian Samson knew they could bring the best software technology to design an intuitive, robust platform to create a solution.

Lydie A. Hudson, CEO and Founder

With a background in law, Lydie understands the complexity of legal regulations. She also knows that software can be designed to make it easier to comply with these regulations with intuitive interfaces, a variety of measures to insure accurate data, and notifications to stay on top of deadlines. 

She successfully developed a trademark portfolio solution to help company counsel and law firms.  

She knows that technology can be a powerful tool to give you ready intelligence. 

Brian Samson, CTO and Co-Founder

With over 20 years in programming and a decade as an entrepreneur, Brian founded Ten Forward Consulting in 2012 after freelancing from 2010. He co-founded Mobile Doorman in 2014, acting as CTO until 2020. Brian's involvement spans tech and entrepreneurship in Madison. He directed Madworks Coworking until 2018, organized Startup Weekend Madison, and spoke at tech events nationwide.