Be Ready to File on Time

Schedule 13D, Schedule 13G (amendments)

Monitor percentage held and changes with automatic 10K/10Q updates.

Exceed five %

Drop below five %

Change of 1% for 13D filers

Change of 2% for Exempt Investors in preceding 12 months

Exceed 10% for Qualified Institutional Investors at end of month

For the rest of 13Now's alert-based rules, please contact us for a demo. Rules can be customized.

Form 13F Filings to assist Institutional Investment Managers

All your holdings (even those that don't require filing Schedule 13D and 13G)

  • Quarterly import of Official List of Section 13(f) Securities.
  • Automated warning of discrepancies that need to be corrected before filing.
  • Shows value at the end of quarter to the near dollar.
  • Add and Delete Holdings.
  • Generate Form 13F Information Table in excel.
  • Data automatically synchronized with 13D/G information.