Section 13: Beneficial Ownership Reporting SAAS Solution

 13Now simplifies filing Schedule 13D and Schedule 13G (and amendments) on time for: 

         - Corporations, 

         - Investment firms, 

         - Law firms. 

One platform for everyone on your team to:

        - access Dashboard to see percentages owned,

        - automatic EDGAR update of S/O

        - update trades 

        - receive Alerts for filing deadlines

        - generate draft 13D/G filings

        - sync data with 13F Reports.

       -  generate 13F Report audited with Official List of SEC                       Securities  

Section 13: Beneficial Ownership Reporting SAAS Solution

Platform for ownership data

  • Shares Held, update based on trading activity
  • Stock Options exercisable w/in 60 days
  • Automated calculation of percentage based on most recent 10K/Q
  • Automated calculation of changes in percentage

Alerting rules that trigger filing deadlines

  • Based on SEC Regulations 13D and 13G
  • Can be customized

Generate Schedule 13D, Schedule 13G (and amendments) and Form 13F

  • Automatically generate documents for stakeholders to review

Out With Manual, In With Automatic

Reduce Risk

Automated calculation of deadlines with Alerting Rules and email alerts

Save Money

Review and share pre-populated Schedules 13D, and 13G, and Form 13F

Increase Efficiency and Accuracy

One platform to input and monitor data for public companies that you or your clients own

Save Time

Automated import 10K/Q (hourly), Section 13D/G data, Official List of SEC Securities

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Multi-national Law Firm
With 13Now, we can efficiently track Section 13 D/G filing obligations in real time to meet SEC deadlines, especially critical for those that require prompt turnaround.

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